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Beth El-The Heights Synagogue: Small shul faces big storm repairs


by Lila Hanft Cleveland Jewish News 10/26/07

Beth El-The Heights Synagogue’s Rainy Day Fund has grown in importance -- and hopefully, in size -- since Aug. 7, when heavy storms caused severe damage to the roof, walls, carpets and elevator.

During the storm, falling branches ripped 18 holes in the roof above the sanctuary reading table; a light fixture fell; and water damaged the ceilings, walls and carpeting. The Shabbat elevator, which had been the centerpiece of a new main entrance unveiled in June 2005, suffered water damage when the elevator shaft flooded.

To date, the cost of cleanup and repairs for the roof, ceilings, wall and carpeting has been about $18,000. “Although we expect our insurance to cover some of this, we are certain to incur high out-of-pocket expenses,” says BETHS president Jack Valancy.
BETHS has begun a “Rainy Day Fund” to raise money for repairs. “We’re calling it the Rainy Day Fund because when we say ‘capital campaign’ people get scared,” Valancy laughs.

Read the entire article at the Cleveland Jewish News.

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