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I spent most of Tues. Mar 4 at the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections warehouse on E. 40th St. I wrote about the experience in the Cleveland Jewish News. I took a lot of photos, most of which won't fit into the paper, so I thought I'd post some here.

As soon as ballots arrived from polling places, pollworkers at the CCBOE warehouse visually inspected the paper ballots for physical damage which could prevent them from scanning properly.

Scanning ballots after the midday ballot pickup. The CCBOE had 16 ES&S M650 scanners.

Midday ballots were scanned, but not tabulated until after the polls closed. Once scanned, they were locked inside the "tabulation area," which was separated from the scanners by a ceiling-high chain link fence. To protect the chain-of-custody, everyone, regardless or rank, had to sign in when entering and sign out when leaving the tabulation area.

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