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Where to get info on Hurricane Gustav


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Andy Garvin (at left), NPR's social media expert, and friends have set up a new Gustav Information Center is a new Ning forum serving as a blog for all things Gustav. You'll find updates and evacuation advice there, along with Discussion forums, Photos, Videos, Traffic cams and the Craig's List Gustav Feed (Volunteering and Housing Opportunities).

There are links to GustavAlerts Twitter feed, mobile resources for iPhone and cell users, and a Hurricane Gustav Digital Support group on Facebook.

The most important link is to Gustav Information Center's The Gustav Wiki, a clearinghouse with detailed information from official sources and otherwise. It's purpose:

"This is the wiki for information relating to Hurricane Gustav and its approach to the northern Gulf coast. It's intended to be centralized site for links to information everywhere else on the web; please publicize it far and wide."
Here's what's on the homepage of the Gustav Wiki right now.



  • Life & Death? Get Help Now!
  • Missing & Found: Use the Red Cross's resource to register yourself and search for loved ones
  • Help Needed: Post a request for help; find who needs your help.
  • Help Offered: Hundreds of people are offering to shelter refugees, make phone calls, and help in any way they can. Please choose from one of the following seven areas you are interested in helping with:
  1. Essential Goods & Services Offered
  2. Manpower & Volunteers Offered
  3. Housing Offered
  4. Counseling/Healing/Emotional Recovery Services Offered
  5. Communications Offered
  6. Jobs Offered
  7. Transportation
  8. Other Help

News & Blogs

There are also widgets, badges and slideshows ready-made for your website or blog. A good way to help spread the word.

Visit Gustav Information Center

Find more photos like this on Gustav Information Center

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