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NE Ohio Cubicle Dwellers: 3 ways to track what's happening at the polls from your desk


1. Your browser. Keep a browser tab open to's election blog. Refresh the page periodically. (If you know of a LOCAL news site that is updating more frequently, please let us know!) For national news: ProPublica's Vote Watch, Video the Vote, the Election Protection Coalition's Our Vote Live

2. twitter:

3. RSS feed. (I use Google Reader). Sign up for the RSS feeds at these websites:
(You can also visit these sites via browser).

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LilaTovCocktail November 4, 2008 at 3:57 PM  

Very cool:
See if your ballot has been counted in Cuyahoga County at Track my Ballot

My results:
Track My Ballot
Vote By Mail (Absentee Voting)

Registration for the 11/4/2008 election begins on 1/1/2008 and ends at 12:00 PM, 11/1/2008

Voting begins on 9/30/2008 and ends at 7:30PM, 11/4/2008
Your Absentee Voting Application was received on: 9/16/2008

Your Absentee Voting Ballot was received on: 10/17/2008

LilaTovCocktail November 4, 2008 at 4:00 PM  

And don't forget's excellent election coverage.

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