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Send a Burrito-Gram for Sick Days in Ohio


A total of 432 people who ate at a Chipotle Restaurant in Kent last week became ill from what investigators believe is a norovirus brought to work by a sick employee.

Chipotle, like most restaurants, doesn't offer paid sick days to its hourly employees, according to the online citizen advocacy group About half of all employees working in the private sector don't have paid sick time, and it's worse in the restaurant business: 86% of those in the service sector don't have paid sick days.

Right now, the Ohio State Legislature is stalling on a proposed Healthy Families Act, which
would require employers to allow their workers to earn paid sick days. has launched a unique online campaign to to drive home the critical importance of paid sick days legislation to public health:

Click the above link to send your own reality sandwich (or in this case, burrito) to the Committee in the Ohio Legislature which hasn't moved the paid sick days bill forward yet. Next week, will deliver real burritos, in person, with your message urging them to pass paid sick days for everyone.

About 15 words fit on a burrito. You can use the example they offer or go to Ohioans for Healthy Families for more in-depth information about The Healthy Families Act.

"Workers who come in sick cost our national economy $180 billion annually in lost productivity. For employers, this costs an average of $255 per employee per year, exceeding the cost of absenteeism and medical disability benefits."

Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, April 2004

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