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"Mr. Bookstein's Store" now available in the 'hood


The last thing I need is another cable station, especially one with a theme ("The Woodcutter's Channel, bringing you the best in live "axe-tion" tree-felling").

But I'll have to check out Shalom TV, "the first national Jewish cable television network," a recent edition to Time Warner's Northeast Ohio lineup.

Despite programs like "Kabbalah Revealed" and "Dimensions of the Daf," Shalom TV "pitches itself as part of a balanced multicultural diet for cable operators and their customers," according to Catherine Applefeld Olson of CableFax Magazine. (The story is titled "Religion? Feh! It’s Culture, Bubby!")

Update: read Shalom TV president Mark Golub's response to this post.

Shalom TV a "religious channel"? God forbid. The founders of Shalom TV, the first Jewish cable network launched in the U.S., are quick to note that religion is not what Shalom is about.

"Jews are not into religious programming and Shalom TV is not a religious channel," says Mark Golub, president and CEO of the Fort Lee, N.J.-based programmer. "The better model to think of for us is ethnic channels, which in America tend to be Latin networks and other non-English-language networks."

Frankly, "Jewish C-SPAN" and an in-depth view of the opinions of Alan Dershowitz aren't selling points for me.

But the children's show, "Mr. Bookstein's Store," could be a hoot: Just like "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood," but way brainier.

"Mr. Bookstein's Store": You just know thesefreshly scrubbed children are ready to learn!

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Shalom TV programming, found on Time Warner's Channel 1 or Channel 512 in Entertainment On Demand, includes: "Jewish Film Festival" showcasing a new movie each week -- including American and Israeli feature films, documentaries, and Yiddish classics. The 92nd Street Y -- exclusive television presentations of lectures and programs from the stage of the world-renowned cultural center in New York City.

"Jewish C-SPAN" featuring expert guest analysis and exclusive coverage of major events, rallies, and national conventions -- with special emphasis on issues of concern to the State of Israel.

Shalom TV's coverage of "Election 2008" has included such figures as Alan Dershowitz, Mort Zuckerman, Ron Lauder, David Harris and Dana Milbank; and has included in-depth discussions of the sensitive issues relating to the current presidential hopefuls.


"Shalom TV Kids," the only place on American television where parents and grandparents can find Jewish programs for children -- including a weekly "Story Time" for very young viewers, and an adventure series for older children called "Agent Emes." Shalom TV has also created an original children's program, "Mr. Bookstein's Store," introducing young people to Jewish holidays, Jewish customs, and the Hebrew alphabet.

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Kosher Computing June 18, 2008 at 4:07 AM  

♪"Oy, it's a beyutiful day in the shtetel here,
A beyutiful day in our ghetto here,
Please,don't you be a schnook!
Come here and buy a book!♪

I can't wait to see this one!

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