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Network News Parody -- Too Funny Not to Post


"John McCain called his wife a c*%t":
viral video wiggles its way across the web

Posted today on the Wired Blog Network by Sarah Lai Stirland
A cheeky parody of a local TV news team's deliberations over the question of whether it should run a story on John McCain's alleged use of a four letter word insulting his wife has become a popular item online.

The parody, from a troupe of actors in Los Angeles, uses information from liberal activist Cliff Schecter's new book: "The Real McCain."

The online video has been up for less than a month, and its "safe-for-work" and uncensored versions have been watched more than half a million times.

The incident was related to him by three sources, says Schecter. But the McCain campaign has denied it, calling it "tabloid trash."

True or not, the video's racking up the views. The 611,828 views as of July 13 makes it one of the most popular comedy and news and politics-related YouTube videos of the past month.

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