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Delicious: "Little Known Facts" & "Top Twelve Reasons McCain Picked Palin"


The TPM (Talking Points Memo) website comes offers this delicious list of The Top 12 Reasions McCain Picked Palin. (I've selected my favorites, but read them all here.)

Top Twelve Reasons McCain Picked Palin

11. 8/29 Factor: Amazing convergence of third Hurricane Katrina anniversary, McCain’s seventy-second birthday, and Palin’s twentieth wedding anniversary leads Cindy’s numerologist to recommend McCain-Palin.
10. Like advent calendar, McCain plans to unveil new potential Vice-Presidential nominee every morning to bump Senator Obama from each of the remaining 67 news cycles. As the 67th most qualified Republican veep, Palin starts the countdown today.

9. McCain assumed she was related to Monty Python’s Michael Palin, thinks parrot sketch is really cool.

8. Nails down all those Arctic states.
6. Screw the whiners: Palin selection meshes nicely with Charlie Black’s “nation of whiners” comment, given her denunciation of Hillary Clinton’s criticisms of sexist media coverage as a “whining.”
This top 12 list is in the vein of the twitter-meme "Little Know Fact about Sarah Palin" which has blazed like wildfire across the microblogging landscape. According to The Chicago Tribune's Steve Johnson they began on "this site, run by Republican operative/lobbyist Michael Turk."

If they were intended to be informative and promotional, they have already been subverted -- thank god -- by online cynics and smartasses. A sampling:

Little Known Fact: Sarah Palin personally hog-tied two reps from Planned Parenthood who came knocking at her door.
Little Known Fact: Even Sarah Palin didn't know who Sarah Palin was until today.
Little Known Fact: Sarah Palin sees dead people. No wait... McCain is just old.
Little Known Fact: Sarah Palin is well-skilled as a "reindeer whisperer."
Little Known Fact: Sarah Palin can field-dress an elk in 30 seconds or less.
Little Known Fact: Sarah Palin plans to run a platform of blaming Canada.
Little Known Fact: Sarah Palin was Dick Cheney's private NRA sharpshooter instructor in Crawford during a hunting trip.
Little Known Fact: Sarah Palin's parrot screeches "Obama! Yes we can!"

(New tweets are coming in every 5 seconds or so: Find the most recent Little Known Facts with this twitter search.)

Last but not least, my own favorite (real) Little Known Facts:
Palin has been in higher office as Governor of Alaska for exactly half the time Obama has been in the Senate. Before that, she served only two full terms in the City Council, from 1992 to 1996, before running for mayor of Wasilla.

To put this in perspective, Wasilla had a population of only 7,738 people as of 2004. By contrast, as TPM's Eric Kleefeld calculates, Obama's State Senate district had roughly 210,000 people -- about 27 times the number Palin repped in lower office.
Nor has Palin been tested in the grueling arena of national politics. She'll be forced to face off in a debate against Joe Biden, who's been in the Senate nearly 20 times as long as Palin has held higher office.
Source: Talking Points Memo
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