LilaTovCocktail: Ingredients: one part NE Ohio; two parts politics; two parts media, and one part each: culture, family & the Jewish community. Directions: Shake well.'s free Vote 2008 bumper clingers


The hip chicks are is offering your choice of  a free bumper clinger (formerly known as bumper stickers, but now without the glue). is an online grassroots movement promoting family-frendly poiltices.

Online, has information and tools related to the 2008 Election, including "8 in 2008," a voter registration drive aimed at moms. 

Click Here To view Get Your Free MomsVote '08 Bumper Clinger!!

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David H. September 20, 2008 at 11:11 PM  

How do they cling? What is the clinging agent?

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