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Election Protection & Video the Vote: Make Your Vote Count


Power to the people & their videocams!

The Internet is surely the best thing to happen to community organizing since, well, the megaphone. And YouTube is the second best thing.

This election has provoked the creation of a ton of inspiring and clever videos, some made by "plain folks," all of which are more persuasive than the television ads put out by the candidates' campaigns. Take this excellent video spot from Election Protection:

Inspiration is great, but even more crucial has been the use of YouTube video to impart a boatload of information to a globe full of people in only 90 seconds:

Voter fraud v. election fraud

Do you understand the difference between "voter fraud" (a myth) and "election fraud" (sadly, a reality). Blogger Brad Friedman sums it all up in a mere 84 seconds.

Video your vote

Election Protection and other voter rights groups urge you to become videographers yourselves: If you have problems at the polls, video what is happening and upload it to YouTube, says Brad Friedman in this brief excerpt of an interview with Meet The Bloggers.

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