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Facting-checking the debate & "that one": more favorite moments


Some post-debate fact checks:

After suggesting that Meg Whitman, CEO of, would make a good Treasury Secretary, McCain said: "1.3-million people in America make their living off eBay."
Politifacts says: That's way off. We hate to nitpick apparent misstatements, but this one's a doozy — 1.3-million is the number of people worldwide who make some money off eBay, according to a 2006 A.C. Nielsen study. As of 2003, some 20,000 Americans made their living off eBay, company executive Jim Griffith told a Colorado newspaper at the time.

John McCain: "Senator Obama has voted 94 times to either increase your taxes or against tax cuts."
Politicifacts says: "94? Not even close"

From Time's live-blogging of the debate: Tonight, John McCain said: “There is too much special interests and too many lobbyists working there.“ According to the Center for Responsive Politics, McCain’s presidential campaign has accepted $841,716 from federal lobbyists, and $1,346,385 from PACs. [Center for Responsive Politics website, accessed 10/1/08]

"That one"

@Daily Kos: Even Wolf Blitzer pointing out that McCain could not mask his disdain for Senator Obama. Must be his bipartisan nature shining through. Not.

@Jillmz: so - was "That one" McCain's macaca moment? When someone talks to me that way, they do not get silence I can tell you that

@collisonbend: @Jillmz That was an insult to everyone, and I thought it quite disrespectful, almost to the point of racism.

@collisionbend: agreed - it's that subtle stuff "disrespectful" - NYT had an interesting column by Brent Staples about that a week or two ago

@collisionbend: Jeffery Toobin at CNN just singled out the "that one" moment as the point where McCain lost his audience, & a moment he will regret.

@ScottPiepho: Retweeting @jdickerson: CNN poll: Who won the debate? Obama: 24% McCain: 30% That One 34%

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