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12 Ways To Safeguard Your Vote In Under 10 minutes


I'm posting the beginning of this EXCELLENT post from the blog Jack & Jill Politics. I can't think of any way to improve upon it. (If you can post a comment here or at Jack & Jill Politics.

12 Ways To Safeguard Your Vote In Under 10 minutes 23 Oct 2008 We’re not going to lose this election this year. We cannot. It’s that simple. Ensuring victory means being diligent in every aspect of your vote: make sure you vote the right way! and make sure that your vote is counted. YES! magazine has put together this 12 step guide to safeguarding your vote. Please complete it, and report back in the comments. I’m serious. (also bookmark the voter suppression wiki)

It took me 9 minutes to complete and read their steps, and I was moving slowly. 10 minutes is a minor investment to ensure your vote will be counted.

  1. Check your registration. Even if you think you’re registered, you may not be. Check online at
  2. Vote now. Check if early voting is possible in your state. If you’re voting by mail, check carefully where you need to sign, how to seal the envelope, and how to mark the ballot. And note: Some ballots require extra postage.
  3. Practice your vote. Electronic voting machines can be difficult to use. is preparing links to video demos of how to vote on the machine you will find at your polling station. If you’ll be using a paper ballot, check out the sample included in your voter pamphlet.
Read more at Jack & Jill Politics: additional steps you can take to safeguard your vote.

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