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So many bingo cards, so few presidential debates.


If you want proof that it all comes down to a few well-timed buzzwords, play Debate Bingo while you watch the last Presidential Debate tonight. There are a number to choose from.

The Ash Politics blog lists five different versions of presidential bingo cards you can print, download, or in one case, mark online or on your PDA.

  • At, a random card is generated when you open the site, but if you don’t like it, you can click “shuffle” and get a new one. Sample words / phrases: reach across the aisle, earmarks, community organizer.
  • offers this Presidential Debate Bingo, which you can print or play online. When you get bingo, they say, you should stand up and declare “Shenanigans!”
  • Ash Politics also recommends the bingo cards at, Irregular Times, and Monkey Minion Press.

A Google search yielded some other worthy versions of Presidential Debate Bingo:

  • At the Daily Stank Image Bank you can get the still-pertinent bingo card (left) which illustrator Bob Staake created for the previous debate.
  • The Fort Worth Star-Telegram offers bingo cards in four versions.
  •'s bingo includes hand gestures and rhetorical strategies as well as buzz words. They "estimate that it will take you approximately 38 seconds to get to BINGO." It's putatively bipartisan, but to my mind swings a bit right.
  • There's no question that the Mother Jones bingo cards list strongly to the left, targeting the McCain campaign's idioms: "win this war," "naive," "Joe Sixpack," "Main St.," and "domestic terrorists." (This is the one that gets my vote for the quickest game.)
  • The clever bingo card at (below) has a square marked "Drill Baby Drill" and another marked "Ahmadinejad (pronounced incorrectly)." She also offers a blank bingo card you can fill in yourself, but hers is pretty darn good, you betcha!

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