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Great Debate Bingo Card!

10/1/08 invites you to use their Debate Bingo Card to keep track of positions and buzzwords during the Biden v. Palin debate tomorrow night.

I'm sure you could turn it into a drinking game without too much effort. On second thought, if you were to drink each time one of these buzzwords was mentioned, you would probably stay pretty sober.

I'm shocked by how few of those topics -- topics of paramount importance to anyone raising children -- I expect to be mentioned tomorrow night. No one in this election is talking about:
  • Paid family leave
  • Flexible work options
  • Part-time benefits
  • Improving work-life balance
  • High quality, subsidized early childhood education
  • High quality, subsidized after-school programs
  • Paid sick days
  • Wage gap / Pay equity
  • Living wages

So if you'd like to get drunk during the debate, you might want to add a few sure-fire key words to your bingo card, like:
  • Bailout
  • Wall Street
  • Main Street
  • Maverick
  • Washington insider
  • Middle-class taxes
  • Foreign policy
  • Alaska
  • Bridge to Nowhere
Good luck (to all of us. Look like we'll need it)!

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