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As Ohio Votes: fresh local election stories


Fresh election stories:

Credit: Plain Dealer

Obama crowds flood Ohio cities as finish line nears, by Mark Naymik/Plain Dealer Politics Writer. Posted 11/02/08. Obama, within reach of becoming the first black president in U.S. history, found rapturous crowds in Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati that spilled out of parks and stadiums and into surrounding streets...

Now It's Clear Why Some People Are Scared of Early Voting: Because It Empowers People By Pam Kapoor, AlterNet. Posted November 2, 2008. Vote Today Ohio shows that you can bring marginalized people to vote early, and really challenge the powers that be.

[video] Early voting in Cleveland: “I’m here to make change." By Jill Miller Zimon, Writes Like She Talks. Posted 11/02/08. In some ways, I wish I could have recorded the more than two hours I spent listening to and talking with the people I met while waiting to vote in Cleveland yesterday.

Obama remains a bit too 'different' for some in Ohio. By David Lightman. Miami Herald. Posted 11/02/08. Undecided voters in this crucial swing state are torn: Can they overcome their fears about Barack Obama and vote for someone they regard as culturally "different," or will they back John McCain and the shaky status quo?

Tracking Ohio vote on election night: what counties to watch. By Stephen Koff, Plain Dealer Bureau Chief. Posted 11/02/08. Without knowing more about which precincts or counties the votes are from - and which ones have not been counted - these incomplete results are a poor predictor of whether Barack Obama or John McCain will win.

[Slideshow] Cuyahoga Co. Voters Wait in Long Lines at BoE.
By NewsNet5.

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