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Now, Voyager: Track your kink on the Map of Human Sexuality (NSFW)


*NSFW=not safe for work

Hattip to whoever tipped me off to this ingenious "Map of Sexuality," created by graphic designer (and polyamory advocate) Franklin Veaux.

Located on the website of SymToys, the map is interactive: Users can create a personalized sexuality map by placing flags marked "Things I've Tried' and "Things I'd Like to Try."

It's like a mashup of Google Maps and the Good Vibrations Guide to Sex, except that the geography is completely made up and the sexual practices listed far exceed the Good Vibrations' repertoire.

You can mark what you've done and what you'd like to do, then embed your personal map on your blog as, I suppose, a kind of brag sheet, or a to-do list for the next person you plan to sleep with.

Or you can give your friends the choice to learn what might turn out to be TMI about you by posting a widget to your blog. Viewers click on the widget if they want to know more. (Don't worry, clicking on the widget below takes you to a BLANK map that will reveal nothing about my sex life. Not that I couldn't mark the hell out of that map...)

Find out where I've journeyed on the
Map of Human Sexuality!
Or get your own here!

But you should definitely visit the full-size map yourself and marvel over the clever topography. There will be stuff you never heard of, and stuff no one you've ever known has ever heard of, but the truly compelling thing is how Veaux has laid out various sexual predilections in relationship to one another.

For instance, most people probably start their journey in the sourtheast corner of the map, in the Land of Mundania, which is just across the Vanilla Sea from the Island of Sexual Phobias. To get to the Homosexual Homeland, one must navigate the Straits of Fear.

At the other end of the spectrum, in the northernmost part of the map is an area that lies beyond a mountain range known as The Impassable Reaches. On their far side is where you'll find -- if you're looking for them -- Incest, Snuff Films and Cannibalism. Note that some kinks you may have heard about lie solidly in the Land of Myth on the shores of the Urban Dictionary Bay.

And no, I don't know what many of these mean, so please don't ask me.
And if you know, please don't tell me.

Here's the whole map, but the actual site is much easier to read.

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