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Add your vote to these fun polls:
RealNEO's PD poll & Startup Weekend's poll


Go to RealNEO and take this poll. (It's in the left column; scroll down)
How would you grade the Cleveland Plain Dealer since Egger became Publisher and Goldberg Editor:
  • A: Under this superstar team, the PD has transformed print media and grown the new economy here
  • B: In a tough industry and time, the PD and survive and thrive - I wouldn't start my day without it
  • C: Shrinking City - Shrinking PD. What is left of the paper is as good as ever - the website is good - what's not to like?
  • D: thin paper, thin news... Fat Cats - it seems local interests are not well served by distant bosses and ownership
  • F: More like WTF - I canceled my subscription in protest... I'll tell you why, if you have all night
Like most respondents I voted for "D." ("A" made me snort coffee through my nose, thank you very much.)

But I'm rapidly descending to "F." Only the fact that my DH feels "it's not civilized not to subscribe to at least one newspaper" has kept me from cancelling.

As for "C," the city may be shrinking but the region sure isn't, which suggests that the PD is overlooking -- both in print & online -- some important potential audiences.

And then head to Startup Weekend, an "intense 54-hour event bringing together brilliant tech minds (developers, designers, marketers, ect.) to create a company (or as many as the community wants) from concept to launch," is selecting where to hold its next event -- and your vote counts!

What a year 2007 was for Startup Weekend! Now, the biggest struggle is choosing communities to go to next. Why not let you decide! Below you will see the most requested cities of 2008. Pick the one (or a couple) that you would like to go to and vote with your email address. We will set future dates using this format. Happy voting!

Hattip to George Nemeth, who tweeted the URL this morning (along with this little hint: "use diff email addys"). Read more here: The Goal Of Startup Weekend

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Cleveland Carole Cohen 3C December 4, 2008 at 9:48 PM  

Lila, I cancelled my subscription to the PD two years ago but at that time it was related to my eyesight. I have a feeling by now I would have fallen into F.

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