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Musical consolations when you're Jewish on Christmas


Talk about feeling left out -- try being a Jewish kid on Christmas Day in the Bible Belt in the 1970s.

But if you grew up in a Jewish community of any size, you may have noticed that being at odds with the rest of the world has some consolations: the irreverence of eating takeout (Chinese, of course); the surreal feeling of wandering alone through public space on the one day everyone else in America seems to have stayed home.

In case you forget those consolations, there a couple cheery new(ish) pop songs around to remind you. My favorite is "My Goyim Friends" by that inimitable Chanukah band The Leevees (of "How Do You Spell Channukkahh" fame)' Pertinent lines: "But we, we will march on / with General Tsao's and Egg Fu Yung / Takeout's not wrong, and we will march on."

On a similar theme, check out Brandon Walker's "Chinese Food on Christmas":

(hattip Ellen Brown)

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