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Easter / Passover Mashups, Part II: Barbie buys matzah


As I wrote in Easter / Passover Mashups, Part I: Passover Peep Panoramas, I've always liked the hands-on craftiness of coloring Easter eggs, and although I don't celebrate Easter, I have been known to put out on my seder table a plate of hard boiled eggs bearing brightly-colored eggs shells.

So naturally I'm a fan of other mashups of seasonal Jewish and Christian cultural vocabularies, like the DIY Tiny Matzah box for Barbie which Hatam Soferet posted on Jewschool.

She writes:
To make your own box of Barbie matzah you will need:
Measure, mark, and cut four pieces of corrugated cardboard 30mm*27mm. Tape them together in a bundle. These are your matzot (hahaha, insert matzah/cardboard joke of choice here).
For the complete directions, you must visit her post.

Hatam Soferet, aka Jen Taylor Friedman by the way, is the creative mind behind Tefillin Barbie. A sofer, she's the first woman known to have written a sefer Torah.

Take a look at her project and what she has to say about being a female sofer. It's all on her website:

"Tefillin Barbie generated an extraordinary amount of feedback. She featured on Jewschool and Jewlicious, on BoingBoing, in the Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles, on Ritualwell, Lilith magazine (Winter '06-'07 issue), New Voices, the London Jewish Chronicle, The Jewish Advocate, the Philadelphia Jewish Voice, the New Jersey Jewish News, the Forward, the Jewish Week..."

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