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Yo' (Jewish) Mama: Jewish Women's Archive starts Mother's Day image pool on Flikr


On Jewschool today Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg (author/editor of Yentl's Revenge, Surprised by God, and The Passionate Torah) posted a call for user contributions to a new Flikr photostream of images of "Jewish Mothers."

From Flikr:

Photo by Joyous Jewess

About Jewish Mothers: The Way We Were, the Way We Are

In honor of Jewish American Heritage Month and in celebration of Mother's Day, the Jewish Women’s Archive is creating a special photo collection on Flikr about "Jewish Mothers."

Photos can show a Jewish mother, now or in the past, in any context -- mothers at home or at work; mothers in the family and in the community; mothers of different generations and family constellations; formal portraits or candid snapshots.

How would you like to represent Jewish mothers?
Go here to see the set and to add images of your own.

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