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McCain's alledged #horseshit twitters on


In his blog on the Guardian's webite, Michael Tomasky posted this post speculating that McCain twice muttered "horseshit" (sotto voce) when Obama was speaking during last night's debate. Did it happen? Listen and see what you think?

Say WHAT?!?

Watch this video of last night's debate and see if you think that, at about 4:30 into it, after Obama has brought McCain's recent Spain faux pas, McCain twice uses the words "horse shit."
I kinda think he does. I remember hearing this last night, but all I heard last night was a kind of -rsh sound, that sounded like "err-shuh" or something. I definitely did wonder last night what McCain was saying. My thought at the time was that he was saying "of course" in a mocking and ironic way, although that didn't seem quite right to me.
But watching this it really does sound like he said "horse shit." If so, what the hell was he thinking? And does this have the potential to mushroom into an official Thing? Could it be the Al Gore's sighs of 2008? Meme watch!
As Tomasky predicted, #horseshit has become a hot meme on twitter, and to the point of self-perpetuation, according to 10000words, who tweets: "Love the exponential popularity of hashtags on Twitter. #horseshit remains the No. 1 topic because people keep talking about it being No. 1."

By the way, when I've finished this blog post, a tweet will go out to the folks in my little twitterverse to letthem know about my new post. So I'm doing my little bit to keep the equine defecation meme alive and kicking.

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