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Debate tweets: These are a few of my favorites


Who says we can't multi-task?

While watching the debate tonight, thousands of people were simultaneously live-blogging, tweeting, and fact-checking what they heard. Tuning into the music of the cybersphere really enriches the debates for me. Tonight I followed various Twitter feeds, including @nprpolitics@dailykos, @ScottPiepho, @collisionbend, @politifact, @knitgrrl, @wendyhoke, @dsearls, @acarvin, @Scobleizer, @fivehusbands, @Jillmz

These are a few of my favorites:

9:00-ish @wendyhoke: #nashdebate Can't help thinking that McCain reminds me of Lord Farquaad.
9:09 @wendyhoke: "my friends." Everybody drink. (for those playing debate bingo)
9:10 @knitgrrl: Don't say "my friends." I'm not your friend, you dimwitted mofo.

9:12 @politifact: McCain: 1.3 million who make their living on eBay. Numbers murky and not that high:
9:14 @politifact: McCain overplaying his role in Freddie/Fannie warnings -
9:14 @politifact: But he's right on Obama getting Fannie/Freddie money:
9:15 @fivehusbands: Retweeting @Marti_L All I've seen in the audience is white people. What's up with that?
9:24 @Scobleizer: CNN's focus group reaction line ... Mostly flat line when McCain talks. He needed to hit it out of the park and isn't.
9:36 @nprpolitics: McCain: the last prez to raise taxes during tough economic times was Herbert Hoover. Anyone wanna #factcheck that one?
9:36 @knitgrrl: OMG McCain just made a joke about jell-o, for heaven's sake. What's next? A crack about those newfangled victrolas?
9: 44 @fivehusbands: McCain is dithering
9:47 @wendyhoke: Brokaw sounds wheezy. Does he have asthma?
9:48 @knitgrrl: Tom Brokaw tries sarcasm; fails. Poor pooky.
9:50 @acarvin: #factcheck: Obama, Fannie, Freddie. Hat tip @paulboccaccio.
9:50 @nprpolitics: #debate08 McC using the ridged format to his advantage. He's launched more attacks. Many of which O has left unanswered.
9:51 @dailykos: every single time John McCain speaks, the focus group dial on CNN flatlines. My friends, it seems that "uncommitted" voters are not buying McCain's schtick
9:51 @dailykos: McCain rips his 9th "My friends" comment -- which caused him to flatline again. McCain continues acting condescending and he tanks even further.
9:52 @howardowens: My friend, my friend, my friend ... John McCain, you are not my friend, nor am I yours.
10:03 @Jillmz: wow audience dial people are loving Obama's foreign policy
10:07 @politifact: Obama: No nation has ever had its economy falter and maintained its military might. Ask the Greeks in the Peloponnesian War.
10:07 @dsearls: Every time McCain says "my friend," I cringe
10:10 @wendyhoke: When did McCain win a war? Palin said same thing in veep debate.
10:13 @politifact: Obama wants to attack Pakistan? McCain got our worst rating on that one before: Pants on Fire!
10:14 @dsearls: CIA guy on Terry Gross the other day: Bin Laden is dead.
10:14 @c_johnson: Someone should tell these guys that most CIA experts incl. Robert Baer believe Bin Laden is dead #nashdebate
10:14 @wonderwillow: I am NOT that man's friend and he needs to stop calling me that
10:18 @agahran: @dsearls Is this the Fresh Air episode you mentioned re: CIA/ Bin Laden?
10:21 @c_johnson: McCain & Brokaw are BFF :) They called each other last night to make sure their ties matched #nashdebate
10:27 p.m. - MG - I repeat: This format sucks. It's just side-by-side stump speeches with human props.
10:28 @nprpolitics: Obama: but we have to use all the tools at our disposal, including diplomatically.
10:30 @nprpolitics Q from Peggy in NH: What don't you know, and how will you learn it?
10:30 @wendyhoke: Zen question: What don't you know and how would you learn it?

10:30 @nprpolitics: Obama: It's never the challenges you expect, it's the ones you don't, that consume most of your time.
10:32 @nprpolitics: McCain: I think what I don't know is what all of us don't know - what's gonna happen here and abroad. We face unprecedented challenges.
10:34 @wendyhoke: McCain gave the same answer as O. But viewers not buying his daddy at sea, mommy raised me narrative.
10:34 p.m. - MG - And so they finish up: Change vs. Experience. Are campaigns really necessary?
10:34 @nprpolitics: McCain: when times are tough, you need a steady hand at the tiller.
10:34 @knitgrrl: Is it the same steady hand you used to crash your plane in Vietnam? If so, thanks but no thanks.
10:35 p.m. - JP - Tom tells the candidates they are in the way of his prompter, "In addition to everything else"! Ouch! You do not do over the time limit on Mr. Brokaw!
10:40 p.m. - KT - Summing up? I'm not sure this was a good night for Barack Obama, but I think it was a bad night for John McCain. And these last two debates were supposed to be his best ones.
12:03 pm @acarvin: CNN instapoll of users who watched debate: 54% said Obama did the better job; 30% McCain. Obama's favorables up by 4 pts; McCain unchanged.

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Wendy A. Hoke October 8, 2008 at 7:52 AM  

Hey Lila,
This was a fun collection of Tweets. Thanks for including me. :) The one I couldn't seem to post because Twitter was so bogged down was that McCain had the Depends shuffle. (That was courtesy of my hubby who works in long-term care.)
Happy Wednesday!

LilaTovCocktail October 8, 2008 at 5:21 PM  

Thank YOU, Wendy. Your tweets definitely livened up the debate for me. Everyone I talked to completely agrees about Lord Farquaad, by the way!

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